1. Who books the venues?

We are happy to organise a venue (cost depending on the venue location), however we can also cater for a venue you have booked as we are fully mobile.

2. How long do I need the venue for?

You will need to book the venue for at least 2 hours

3. Are you DBS checked?

Yes all our adult staff are DBS checked & we also have £5m public liability and employee insurance 

4. How safe are the Karts?

Panther karts are the latest design & fitted with remote cut outs as standard. All karts are manufactured in the UK and carry the CE mark of quality.

5. How big an area do I need?

You will need a hall or outdoor space of 20m x 10m as a minimum.

6. What are the extras I can buy?

We can organise Party Bags, Party Food,  Medals, Trophies & many other party favourites.

7. How many Go Karts do you have?

We run 4 go karts at a time and during a typical 1 hour party each kid has between 4 & 5 goes.

8. Can I book the karts for more than 1 hour?

Yes you can. We charge a fee for every extra 15 minutes you require.

9. How do I book a party?

Just get in touch via phone, text, email, facebook or even whatsapp...we will do the rest.

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